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Trying to fix 2 things about my netbook if anyone could help.

#1Bikes-Posted 9/10/2013 9:32:46 AM
A while ago my netbook started having two minor problems that are kinda annoying (the first one especially since I use it in class) so any help would be appreciated.
1. A lot of the time the computer beeps when I for instance close out of a document without saving. The thing is that the sound is disabled and it's coming from the computer itself (A bios beep I guess? My hardware knowledge is awful.)
2. My ability to turn sound on and off has vanished from everything but the control panel. The mute shortcut doesn't work and the icon on the taskbar is gone. It's a minor nuisance since I mostly keep the sound off anyway (again class computer) but would still be nice if I could fix.

I can get the specs if need be, but it's worth noting that it's like a 6-7 year old computer at this point that I'm keeping alive as duct tape as is x_x

But yeah any help offered would be appreciated.
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#2Bikes-(Topic Creator)Posted 9/10/2013 1:00:37 PM
FC: 2921-9087-2265