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How much would you pay for a remake of one of your favorite games from the past?

#21Orestes417Posted 9/11/2013 2:37:28 AM
Cool_Dude667 posted...
Timesplitters please
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#22arleasPosted 9/11/2013 4:32:15 AM
I'd love it if they could remake the old game and also replicate the way I felt about it... if they just recreated the game mechanics it might not be worth $60.

A good example would be "Seven Cities of Gold".

It wasn't much of a game by today's standards. You basically just bought supplies, got on a ship, sailed west, discovered "the new world" (which could be randomly generated or could be a standard map based on the real world) and then you would set off to discover the map and meet the natives... The Exploration combined with the discovery of special geographic features ("You have discovered a great mountain range" or "You've discovered a great lake") was probably my favorite part of the game.

I have a feeling if they remade it today, they'd either go overboard and kill the feeling of exploration somehow, or they'd try to add too much to the game to make it "palatable to a wide audience" and would just make it suck. However, if they could make me feel the way about the remake the way I felt about the original back in 1984, I'd say it would be worth $60 easily.

The problem is, the people who remember the original fondly are a niche audience. They'd have to change aspects of the game to make sure they could sell it to people who had never played the original. That would ruin it.
#23TheFeshPincePosted 9/11/2013 4:36:58 AM
Orestes417 posted...
2143 would be a nice door prize.

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#24Mogu_MoguPosted 9/11/2013 5:41:05 AM
Star Citizen will essentially be a remake of Privateer in the persistent universe and Wing Commander in the Squadron 42 campaign.

So far I've put in over 1600 dollars.
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