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Borderlands 2 season pass worth it? Also Krieg the psycho worth it as well?

#11DARQ MX(Topic Creator)Posted 9/11/2013 9:01:23 AM
Kosba_2142 posted...
Dark_Spiret posted...
Tiny Tina and Mr. Torgue are considered the best. However all of the dlc's do provide a pretty decent chunk of gameplay(20-30hours total) to the point where it might be better just to pick up the season pass, but if not then Tiny Tina would be the one to get.

Mr Torgue.. was considered the Best...? I was crying through it since it was just so goddamn.. boring.. I mean "YEAH YELLING EXPLOSIONS... CONSTANTLY.... okay I'm over it" was basically the feeling 1 or 2 hours into it.

Well, it looks like Mr. Torque has the best bosses.
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