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Humble Bundle Charge confusion

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3 years ago#1
Anyone here just got charged by humble bundle from a few week ago's EA humble bundle? I just checked my statement just now and it says that Humble bundle charged me 5 bucks 3 days ago. The only humble bundle I bought was the EA's humble bundle.

I bought the humble bundle around aug 12th or so. Checking my transaction history, I do not see that I was charged for EA's humble bundle during the month of August. Also, it says on the charge that it was recurring? Just making sure if anyone had this same thing happened to them before I go about sending an email to Humble. I'm pretty sure it's ea's humble bundle but why charge now after almost a month?

I check my bank account at least once a week and never saw anything about the humble bundle being on hold for authorization. I just assumed it was taken care of. Why just charge it now after almost a month?

Thank you..
3 years ago#2
What payment method did you use?
3 years ago#3
credit card

I'm pretty sure it's the ea humble bundle but why so late?
3 years ago#4
hey man this happened to me as well, i purchased august 14th and I closed the account several weeks later so pretty much I got charged a fee for having my card charged after it was closed. Now I have to pay 42$ because of humble bundle's stupid screw up.
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