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When do you plan to give up gaming? (18 plus, which you should be anyway)

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3 years ago#181
more than 20 years. I'm 17 screw yo rules!
3 years ago#182

I'm gonna be one of those 50-60 year old guys still playing games.
Just because your brain rotted playing video games doesn't mean that mine did.
3 years ago#183
Didn't vote. I have no plans to give up gaming. If it happens, it happens.
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3 years ago#184
I'm 29 and will never give it up, but if I ever have kids or something i could see doing a lot less of it.
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3 years ago#185
Started with pong, bought most systems from NES till present, many gaming pcs, board and card games... I'm currently 35... Unless I become a blind and deaf quadriplegic. I'm going with the "never" option.
3 years ago#186

Nice posts, PCH board. Enjoyed reading them as well. This is was sincere a poll and topic, and FYI,

I'm 25
and married
Sold my gaming laptop
Planning to build my desktop in the near future.

and yes, the poll wasan't very well thought out, but 20+ is what I meant to mean never.

and I never said it was mandatory to give up gaming, which was implied from the title. I'm asking if you will ever give up gaming, sorry this topic didn't have much thought into it.
3 years ago#187
Giving up gaming because you're too grown up and mature to play them is.... Like your soul dying. Or you're an idiot.

Not that any people in this thread said the above, just saying.
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3 years ago#188
EspicaGF posted...
35, almost 36 and still gaming.

That's not big,I am 15 and my grandfather who is 64 sometimes play games with me and my
father is 40-42 and he plays with me too and sometimes my mother sit beside me and watch me play games like Farcry 3,Forza Horizon and all kinds of games that have a nice environment.
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  3. When do you plan to give up gaming? (18 plus, which you should be anyway)

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