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I would just like to say that Origin is really as bad as everyone says

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I'd agree with that. I think GOG has the best poilcy and I hope they get bigger in the future. As for Steam, I only buy games on there during the sales. You'd be a fool to spend full retail price on a game from Steam, well, imo atleast.

What policy is that? Not using DRM? Because Steam isn't DRM, with hundreds of games on it not using DRM...

Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by Valve Corporation.

very first sentence from the wiki page about steam, you were saying?

Trying reading what you posted. First, lolwikipedia. Second...see those commas? And that "and"? it's all of those things, chief.

Steamworks is a development kit, and can be DRM. Steamfront is a store, and that's it. If Steam itself is DRM, then why is there games that I can play without having Steam installed? Likewise, why are their games without multiplayer? I mean it's all of that right? Derpdatdrm


So....YOU were saying?

And the guy talking about they have a monopoly and that's bad (missed this the first time) first off, they don't, and even if they In case you didn't notice there are dozens of sites....that all sell Steam codes. So even if every single game on the planet required Steam, there would still be price competition for you, derpy
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