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Activision sales SUCK.

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User Info: Lord_Xandros

3 years ago#21
I used to laugh at the CoD sales on the PSN. 10% off MW, W@W, MW2 and Black Ops.

Black Ops being 35.99 and the rest being so full of hackers, there was no point in playing them. It's like selling a broken game.

User Info: SnipeStar

3 years ago#22
meh.. tomb raider for 75% off is a much better deal than any of the modern warfare games for any percent off
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User Info: Gryffindor1

3 years ago#23
Activision sucks period.

User Info: DieKoog

3 years ago#24
Downloaded Black Ops II, played a few games, promptly deleted it.

User Info: HaxnStash

3 years ago#25
I was under the impression that there will be new games at 75% off everyday with the activision deal. So far, I don't see any. Prototype 1 and 2 are back down to 25% off. Or maybe Steam is just late?

Or that's not the case?
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