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Windows 8 issue when restarting

#1BigBoss427Posted 9/12/2013 3:06:41 PM
I recently got a 24-month license for Windows 8 Pro through uni for free, so I said why not let's give it a try. Immediately I ran into problems, which I should have taken as a sign to stick with 7.

Basically, whenever my PC is restarted via software, it will freeze at the screen with the teal window and the spinning circles. For example, when I was installing updates, the PC is supposed to restart several times, and every single time it locks up. I only seem to be able to boot into windows when I actually shut down my PC completely, and then start it.

I've googled this issue and haven't really found any concrete answers. I tried disabling the fast boot up and that did not fix anything.

Anyone got any suggestions before I reinstall Windows 7? This is really annoying.