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A few questions regarding System Shock 2

#1SenkoyPosted 9/13/2013 2:12:05 AM
I just got the game through Humble Bundle and I had never played either of the games. Do i need to have played the first one to understand the story in the second one or can I just play it without losing out too much on the story?

Also, are there any mods you would recommend I play the game with, or should I play the game as it is and then get mods?

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#2SlaynPosted 9/13/2013 4:44:04 AM
I don't think you need to play the first one. Not even sure if you can find it anywhere, it is a DOS game. They have a lot of graphics mods available if you want, make the game look decent.
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#3RPGMattPosted 9/13/2013 4:55:15 AM
No need for #1, and get the SHTUP texture mod. Optionally also get Rebirth for better models which unfortunately have stupid facial expressions. The game's great with or without the mods.
#4Senkoy(Topic Creator)Posted 9/13/2013 4:58:13 AM
I'll look into those mods. Thanks fellas.
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#5TheC0ndemnedOnePosted 9/13/2013 5:35:16 AM
There are a few modding guides around. Here's one:
#6XxTwisted26xXPosted 9/13/2013 6:29:58 AM
Omg its on humble bundle?!!?!!?!?
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