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How does this rig look

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3 years ago#1

Modified Coolmaster 830 Stacker
3 years ago#2
its pretty gaudy but i guess if you like quake and red, this case might be rad
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3 years ago#3
Friend wants to sell it on eBay, don't know if I want to buy it :S
3 years ago#4
You should tell your friend to try making a rig that doesn't look like a bowl of Skittles.

Also tell him to wipe down his walls every now and then.
3 years ago#5
haha minging!
3 years ago#6
How it looks won't matter if the components suck.
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3 years ago#7
everything is black and red except the mobo, why?
3 years ago#8
How do I know?
3 years ago#9
^ because he's your friend?
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