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Upgrade or Laptop?

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User Info: MissHedgehog

3 years ago#1
Hi everyone :)
My boyfriend recently got a new computer, so now I have his old desktop. It's about 3 years old, but I can still play all games on it. (Some graphically demanding ones have to be on low, though.) Before this, I had a pretty nice HP laptop for 3,5 years, and now it's quite dead.

For my birthday (which is still a few months away, but still) I'll have around 800 euros at my disposal. I now have two options:

1. Get a new desktop, because the one that I have is quite old. I put this together:
(I'd reuse the graphics card and the harddrive from this desktop, most games I play are heavier on CPU anyway.)

2. Get a decent laptop, because the desktop serves its (gaming) purpose just fine. (You can imagine that any kind of desktop would be a huge improvement from a laptop.)

Things I'd have to consider are moving to another country within the next 2 years, most likely. I have a tiny netbook but it's quite slow, so for actual studying purposes a laptop might be nice too. However, I am not very knowledgeable on laptops at all. I only know I'd like it to be as thin as possible, run cool and be 15/16". Or I could just save all the money and stick with what I have, and decide later.

Any thoughts? :) Much appreciated!
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User Info: Captain_Drek

3 years ago#2
It depends on how much you game. Based on what you said in the OP I suggest getting a laptop as it looks like it would benefit you more at the time.
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