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Dumb question about Steam and Gog

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3 years ago#11
I haven't actually tried it yet, but I was looking at the files and found this in the "bin" folder:

So I guess I can get my hopes up a little
3 years ago#12
Well I started the download, but I can't find/don't know where to dump the existing stuff into (I'm assuming I should be looking for a Witcher 2 folder somewhere in Steam > steamapps > common). Also, when I back out to Steam > steamapps > downloading, I see the three folders I had copied are already there with everything in them, which would have been at least 90% of the game data, but the download is still at like 1%, so I don't really know what to make of any of this, but it looks like something like this won't be so simple.
3 years ago#13
All of it is in downloading, so it won't appear in common. Go to steam>steamapps>common and then copy/paste your Witcher 2 files in there. Make sure it's in a folder named "The Witcher 2" without the quotations. Then verify through Steam.
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3 years ago#14
Alright, after several attempts I think I can confirm that this doesn't work. I copied the files, but the only thing I could verify (again, I'm assuming you meant to go to "Properties" and click on "Verify Integrity of game cache") was the ~500MB I had downloaded. Steam wouldn't recognize the existing files no matter where they were or what folder they were in.

It was a fun experiment though.
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