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computer wont boot.

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3 years ago#1
OK so the lights on the PSU, MOBO, and speakers are all lit, the MOBO fan spins and the power light on the case lights up(briefly then goes out.

the hdd doesn't spin up, and the screen doesn't receive a signal, any idea on troubleshooting this?
3 years ago#2
Does everything power down after a few seconds, or just some parts? How long does it stay on for? My friend had this last week and it appeared to be a problem with the 24 pin cable, did you check all the cables etc?
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3 years ago#3
well i unplugged the PSU from MOBO, that didnt work. so i tried reseating my ram, and that did the trick.

was checking facebook, and fifteen minutes in the screen goes black, then a screen that says detecting something ATAP device*i think, if tlashed quickly
then it went to the Detecting system disk screen, and said system boot error, please insert system disk.

so i unplugged the HDD and Plugged it back in and reboated, now it seems fine.

?? the reason my ram was unset was because i had knocked over the computer (while it was off) do you think i may have ruined my new 2tb Hdd in the process?

im posting this from the pc now, so lets hope it was just loose cables.
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