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SSD question?

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3 years ago#1
Hey, my current build is an I5 3570k | 2 Gtx 670 ftw 's sli| 1 TB HDD | 16 GB RAM | corsair TX 750. I am looking at getting a SSD, I have around 120 games on steam so I'm debating between a 120gb one or a 256gb. I obviously won't have all games installed at once but I'm leaning towards the 256gb so I would have more options later on adding things to the drive.

Also what is the easiest way of transferring my OS onto the SSD
3 years ago#2
I wouldn't get an SSD yet. The things will be half their price in a year.
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3 years ago#3
If you reinstall your O/S, the SSD runs quicker, but you can migrate easily too if you prefer. Just don't get OEM if you plan to migrate or need a bracket.
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3 years ago#4
ok so the best option would be to install windows 8 clean onto the ssd, than once installed would i just wipe the HDD clean? ARE SSD's easy to connnect to the motherboard
I5 3570k | 2 Gtx 670 ftw 's sli| 1 TB HDD | 16 GB RAM | corsair TX 750 |
3 years ago#5
SATA and power, just like a HDD
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3 years ago#6
I decided to go for the Samsung pro 840
I5 3570k 4.2 Ghz | 2 Gtx 670 ftw 's sli| 1 TB HDD | 16 GB RAM | corsair TX 750 | Samsung 840 pro 256GB | Asus P8 Z77V - LK | Cooler master HAF Tower
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