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One Finger Death Punch is finallly coming out on PC on Sept. 18th!

#11Knight2520Posted 9/16/2013 3:42:33 PM
Ch3wy posted...

Although you do have to pay taxes if you eat in so it brings it a little above $1.

You pay taxes when you purchase the food, not whether or not you decide to dine in. At least in the US.

ImMrMojoRisin posted...
HellHole_ posted...
ImMrMojoRisin posted...
Knight2520 posted...
A soda at McDonald's is $1.

Only a value soda. If you want one that is going to take more than two gulps to finish, it's about $2.

The fact is that there is not alot of quality things you can get for $2 nowadays, and OFDP is worth at least 5 times what they are charging for it. They are practically giving it away and anyone who is into kung fu movies or awesome action games should do themselves a favor and get this game when it drops in two days.

any sizes of soda is $1 at mcdonalds.

small, meduim, large: $1.

Not where I live.

Where's that? McDonald's has made this a pretty widespread deal in the US.
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