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case fans are 3 pin, but mobo has 4 pin slots?

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  3. case fans are 3 pin, but mobo has 4 pin slots?
3 years ago#1
How do I hook the case fans to the mobo if the mobo has 4 pin slots, but the case fans only have 3?
3 years ago#2
wat is google
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3 years ago#3
ignore the 4th pin
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3 years ago#4
I'm not 100% sure but I think u can still connect it leaving one pin out...
3 years ago#5
If you look carefully at your motherboard's 4-pin connectors, you will see a bar or marking that spans three of the four pins, or that's what it is for most of them I think. These are the 3 pins you'll want to plug your 3-pin case fans into.
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3 years ago#6
ok thanks! also it says to put the PSU so the fan is facing the bottom of the case. Just want to make sure this is correct cause it seems counter intuitive to getting air flow if the fan is blowing straight into the ground. I have a Carbide 500R case if that matters.
3 years ago#7
Sir do you even manual?
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3 years ago#8
haha, yes I have the manuals with me, but there are some things I am just not sure on and they don't cover in the manual. Like another thing is that I have 2 power sections on my EVGA 760 video card, I plugged the PCI express PSU cable into the first one, so do I even need to use that adapter I got with the vid card in the second power slot (the only cable that fits in the second power slot is the 8 pin adapter)
3 years ago#9
You don't need to use the adapter if your Power supply has provided the cables for you. If your Power Supply doesn't have 8pin on the PCI then yes you have to use the adapter.
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3 years ago#10
ok last thing...I'm really confused on the PSU to the motherboard. on my PSU I have a large 20 pin cable with a 4 pin cable labeled "4 pin" hanging off the 20 pin cable. The 20 pin cable fits into the large slot on my motherboard and there is room right next to it for the 4 pin cable.

Then on the other side of the mobo I have what looks like a 8 pin port, and I have 2, 4 pin cables that are in a pair, one reads "U1" and the other reads "CP"

The mobo manual says don't forget to plug in the ATX12V cable (which I assume is this U1 and CP thing), yet the PSU manual seems to say I can use one or the other. Plus that little 4 pin cable that's with the 20 pin doesn't seem to want to go all the way down, and I am forcing it pretty hard
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  3. case fans are 3 pin, but mobo has 4 pin slots?

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