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OMG I just bought C&C tiberium wars with 20 seconds left of the sale

#1dioxxysPosted 9/17/2013 10:03:34 AM
I was going to come here and tell you guys how you should get it because its an amazing RTS and for some reason most of you only have got Red Alert 3

but damn I saw that timer on 20 seconds and I was like HOLY **** gotta buy this FAST!

one of the best 3.50 I ever spent, next to awesomenauts
#2ScroePosted 9/17/2013 10:14:57 AM
I bought a pizza for $18.50. If I had got a cheaper pizza I could have bought the game as well, but then my pizza wouldn't be as good.
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#3AlexTheNextOnePosted 9/17/2013 10:19:19 AM
I bought a large coffee with two creams this morning. If I had bought it 15 minutes earlier, I wouldn't have been late for work.
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