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To ssd or not to ssd (laptop)

#11Devil_wings00Posted 9/24/2013 10:28:22 PM
I stuck my old 60gb sata 2 mushkin drive in my moms old 2005 era dell laptop and she can't believe how fast it is now. I didn't even tell her it was an SSD (she wouldn't know what that meant or why it's good anyway) and even she pointed out the improvement with no a sata 1 machine ;p

So ya grab a 250gb SSD (easily acquired for under 200 these days) and never look back. Not like you can't plop the SSD out in the future and use it elsewhere. As long as you have an external drive for storage or go buy a cheap 20 dollar usb enclosure for the HDD you are replacing and use that for media storage.
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