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Does your CPU effect what GPU you should buy in any way?

#1132x2zPosted 9/18/2013 5:32:20 PM
PhilOnDez posted...
Every game is going to stutter if dual graphics is active. The GPUs take turns drawing frames and the 6670 is going to be significantly faster meaning every other frame comes 30% faster or slower than the previous one. It's not like SLI where the GPUs work together to draw the same frame (I assume xfire is the same but I dunno). Unless you're just blind to it it's nonstop stutter by design.

It's also nowhere near compatible with every DX11 game unless by compatible you mean "doesn't crash"

Seeing how I used to own an APU and played BF3 on it in dual graphics and never had that issue I can tell you have no idea what you're talking about. Stuttering happens but it's not a nonstop stutter by design due to AMD making only certain APU's compatible with certain discreet graphics cards. For example an A4-3400 is not compatible with a 6670 due to the exact problem you mentioned.
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