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The PC is -?-

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2 years ago#1
Replace the -?- with a word that you chose.
The PC is awesome
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2 years ago#2
The PC is rubberised
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2 years ago#3
Personal Computer
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2 years ago#4
bad (xbox4lyfe).
2 years ago#5
2 years ago#6
... a machine that enables me playing games from most consoles from the PS2 and earlier (including Wii), while also enabling me to play TONS of PC games, making it the best thing ever invented. ;)
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2 years ago#7
A tool for productivity/information that can be used to play games.
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2 years ago#8
My waifu.
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2 years ago#9
Cutting edge! I mean, outdated. I mean cutting edge! I mean outdated...........
2 years ago#10
...a component in the next step of human evolution.

I have a decently large library, and I spend 80% of the time browsing the internet and using it to learn new things.

I saw an interesting video a while ago about how technology is our next step in evolution and how us as a human race are akin to a single organism not unlike a coral reef. We are all connected and able to collaborate in real time in ways that can be completely useless or we could change basically anything for better or worse.

i'm paraphrasing of course, and for the life of me I can't find the video. but i find it hits the nail on the head pretty well.
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