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Indie Gala- Magicka and King Arthur

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3 years ago#1

How is Magicka and the King Arthur games?
3 years ago#2
King Arthur kinda sucked. A really bad mix of RPG and Total War
3 years ago#3
Magicka's lame...

*holds up shield*

Seriously tho, I didn't really like it. It has a ton of bugs that will never be fixed, and it's just boring.

Okay, okay. It's decent if played with friends.
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3 years ago#4
Magicka is good if you have buddies to play it with. King Arthur is......ok. Nothing special but nothing particularly bad from what I played.
3 years ago#5
King Arthur is pretty good, better than Rome II and most of the later Total Wars if you want to compare the series since they're a bit similar. Then again Creative Assembly haven't made a good game since Medieval 1, thankfully we have Paradox games. King Arthur II on the other hand stunk, big decline from the first game.
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