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regarding the new Weekly Humble Bundle and the X games

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3 years ago#1
I've been looking at X:TC for a month or so waiting to find a deal on it. I've heard TC is the one to start with, Albion might be too much for a complete new player to handle.

should I still try to get TC? or are any of the other below the average games worth it too? (Not trying to be cheap, I would be getting the bundle through key trading if I should really get TC)
3 years ago#2
AP is just a slightly better version of TC, not huge differences. Playing it modded will probably be too hard though.

no idea about the previous games though. I started with terrain conflict.
3 years ago#3
Yeah, Albion Prelude doesn't really start off much differently than Terran Conflict, and isn't really any more complicated. Either one is fine. Just get the bundle, keep TC and AP, and trade/give away the rest. Those two are really the only games you need from it.
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3 years ago#4
Just run AP, the TC campaign is in it and I found the game ran at a higher frame rate after the AP revisions.
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3 years ago#5
I first got the attention of X with Rebirth trailers, and I actually played Eve for a week or so (can't really justify a sub based game right now).

I wanted to try one of these games out to see if I should get Rebirth with some left over Steam Wallet money laying around
3 years ago#6
Rebirth is going to be quite different than X3 it seems. It looks amazing no doubt, but it seems like the mechanics of trade, fighting, and freedom are in different directions. Rebirth is a remake, not a sequel.

I've been thinking about starting another game of AP to wait out until Rebirth, but I don't even know if I have the time to do another proper play before then with real-life responsibilities.
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