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2880 x 1800 resolution + indie game backlog = epic win

#31RagnarokxvPosted 9/22/2013 3:58:57 AM
Owning an Alienware computer is a massive embarrassment
Did I say that, or just think it? Was I talking? Did they hear me??
#32sonicteam2k1Posted 9/22/2013 4:46:47 AM
Benjamin_Button posted...
playin dem indies on meh macbook mit retina.

60fps mark of the ninja, dont starve, etc...

non-indie but dat dayum Rayman legens and rayman origins @ MBPr res @ 60fps.

feels good mang.

tell me how Saints Row IV, Splinter Cell Blacklist, AVGN the Game, Sonic Racing Transformed, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy VII, Far Cry 3, and King of Fighters XIII look in 2880 x 1800?
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