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Agarest Generations of War is 20% off includes all DLC as well

#1HydroCannabinolPosted 9/22/2013 11:00:07 AM
God that seems like a freaking steal as a pre-order bonus. All the DLC and still only sixteen bucks total...

Anyone else here getting it? I had to withdraw all my money to fix my gsxr-750 but I think I will purchase it when I deposite a check.

Was just wondering how many people on PCH are thinking about getting the pre-order etc.
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#2BMXJousterPosted 9/22/2013 11:04:57 AM
Well from what I heard the pre-order DLC are items and whatnot that make your characters insanely powerful at the beginning of the game. So if you're looking for a challenge I wouldn't bother using them on your first playthrough.

I do like that it's 20% off though. I will be pre-ordering it the next time I get a chance to pick up a Steam card at the store.
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#3d209999Posted 9/22/2013 11:35:56 AM
I remember reading about this when it first hit consoles. Looked like a great game for closet pedophiles.

As much as I enjoy strategy titles, this game is not it.
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#4Knight2520Posted 9/22/2013 11:37:09 AM
I keep hearing bad things about the game's strategy elements. Not sure if want to buy.
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