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Is the wired 360 controller for the 360, same as wired 360 controller for the PC

#11AsellusPosted 9/22/2013 6:24:44 PM
I want wired cause it's cheaper and wire don't bother me. I just want to know though is the wired one for the 360 the same one for the PC ? Is there a wired one that made specially just for the PC ?

The only difference between the "Wired Controller for Windows" and a standard wired 360 one is they include a driver disc for XP (the driver's built into Vista and up so you don't need it) that you can also freely download from Windows Update.

The Wireless package also includes the usb wireless adapter but for Wired just go with whatever you like.
#12Celll212Posted 9/22/2013 7:55:24 PM
I took my controller from my old 360 that died and plugged it into my PC to play emulators and other various games like Dark Souls. There was never an issue at all, It was plug and play.
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