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Is there no hope?

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3 years ago#1
Recently I got a virus. How I don't know, just messing around on YouTube and Facebook and whatever random pop up got through my ad-blocker decided to be a virus. AVG alerted me about several threats and I clicked on the clear list option but they kept coming so I panicked and shut the PC off manually.

So after that it wouldn't even get to the log in screen so clearly the virus got through. Realizing I had no back ups I decided to restore it back to factory settings. Before that though windows recovery system told me I could back up my files before hand so I did and it downloaded it straight to my shiny new external hard drive.

It downloaded for about 6ish hours and when I tried using the program that came with the hard drive it started to work but it stayed at 0% for about an hour. So i figured it glitched up or something so I restarted and tried again but every time I clicked the program it wouldn't do anything.

I located the file on the external hard drive (the back up the windows recovery did) saying it's about 41GB and saying its an FBW file. Idk what that is. Now after I called the external hard drive manufacturer and Microsoft and getting no answers I decided it was hopeless. Adding further insult to injury I realized all the save data for the some 20-30 games I have on my steam have been erased.

Assuming since obviously it didn't back up all that was on the PC (it was a 500GB hard drive and I had about 80GB left so clearly it didn't back everything up) that maybe by some miracle it just backed up the saves? I have no idea how to extract that file.

Any ideas? Sorry for wall of text.
Crowley: You boys have been the chocolate in my peanut butter for a very long time now...
3 years ago#2
Who the hell is Crowley and why does he or she say such ridiculous things?
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3 years ago#3
Alright I'm guessing you don't know. Crowley's from the TV show Supernatural.
Crowley: You boys have been the chocolate in my peanut butter for a very long time now...
3 years ago#4
I found it by Googling "FBW file" so fast I don't feel you deserve for me to tell you. Google next time okay? Thanks.
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