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Looking for a gaming laptop. Any recommendations?

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User Info: canefaitrien

3 years ago#1
I do not fancy Alienware (or however it is spelled) as there's probably no local tech support for the same in my country (Philippines).

Also, I don't want something overly expensive. I'm not too keen on playing on high settings (gameplay > graphics). Basically, I just want a dedicated laptop for gaming that can run even the latest games without lag. And I want my current laptop (ASUS Zenbook) to just focus on things other than gaming.

About $1,000 and more would be my budget. I don't want to spend too much because I plan on building a gaming desktop computer in the near future.

Any suggestions? I don't trust websites and their "reviews" (They're paid to write; us guys are consumers who are not paid to comment or review.) so I always ask users and the like who are very much familiar with the latest tech.

(Oh, and don't tell me that I should just wait and build the desktop. I still need to move to a bigger apartment to do that, which won't be happening anytime soon.)

Thanks, guys!
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User Info: MaKhaos

3 years ago#2
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