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Windows 8 OEM or Windows 8 upgrade.

#1jparis09Posted 9/23/2013 10:03:48 AM
I just built a new PC. Can somebody explain to me this.
Do I need to get the OEM version of Windows 8 to get my computer up and running or can I use the Windows 8 upgrade and go from there and buy other licenses after my computer is up and running?
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#2DetectivPenguinPosted 9/23/2013 10:04:45 AM
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#3castrejon04Posted 9/23/2013 10:27:15 AM
OEM, the Windows 8 Upgrade is not a full install and requires an existing OS already installed which you don't have.
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#4ThePCElitistPosted 9/23/2013 10:27:44 AM
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