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Forbes: Steam Box will never happen

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User Info: Gojak_v3

3 years ago#1

Interesting read. Basically saying Valve is out to destroy Windows, not make a console.

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#2
I always thought that Valve dealing in hardware would be iffy.... I figured Valve would just make specs for a steam box and then someone else would sell it as a partner.... that could still happen. I doubt it'll be priced to be competitive with consoles though since consoles have a licensing fee to subsidize the cost of the hardware... PC doesn't have that so it would make no sense to sell the hardware at a loss or even at cost like a console manufacturer might do.

None of this is really aimed at me anyway since I am content where I am for gaming... though if they can push microsoft out of the gaming equation, that'd be interesting.

User Info: YoungAdultLink

3 years ago#3
They could always do what Google did with the Nexus tablets. Go knock on Asus' door, tell them what to build, and split it 30/70 with 'em. Boom, you've got yourself a steambox and then Asus will sell you the same thing the next year for $100 less.
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User Info: aak57

3 years ago#4
I wouldn't expect Valve to make one themselves anyway. They'd just have a partnership with someone like ASUS or whomever.
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