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What's the refresh rate of human eyes?

#31EternalFlame66Posted 9/24/2013 7:47:35 AM
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Psalm51 posted...
How about someone saying that we don't know the answer to this question, huh? It is OK for us to not know things, right? Or do we now think that we know it all? Human optics and brain data processing are great mysteries and most reports on brain activity comprise only of heat reports on grey matter. The question is interesting and, for techies among us, valid (sorta) but it is OK for us to say "we don't know the answer".

We do know the answer. There is no "refresh rate" for the human eye. The current convo about the eye is a lot more interesting than that simple answer, imo.
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The human eye does not see in frames.

But it still refreshes, right?

It refreshes whenever you blink.

Its "refresh" rate is effectively how fast light can travel....which is pretty damn fast as it turns out.
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