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I've never used steam. Explain the steambox to me

#21Rud3BwoyPosted 9/26/2013 3:36:54 PM
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PSN and Microsoft marketplace are the consoles' sad attempt at being Steam.

yet consoles are doing better than pc gaming lol

nice logic.

PC game sales have gone up thrice since 2012 while console game sales have dwindled.
Market analysts predict PC game sales' revenue to surpass console's in 2014.

you guys have been singing the same song for how long now?of course console sales are down not many games coming out for consoles but a few good ones until next gen LMAO

nice try?what's the excuse for next gen?anyway moving along here

You're making a fool of yourself for nothing. I'm not arguing sales OR quality. I'm also not arguing which is better, PC or console. Steam came out first.
But since you're so eager to make yourself look utterly pathetic by picking a fight with no one, just see the discounts on Steam against the discounts on Xbox Live.

and yet with those massive discounts which obviously they need to keep pc gaming around xbox live and psn don't need it and charge a full 65 dollars for games and still on top

again point proven.