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Why can't Gaben just come out and say, "We have no plans for releasing Hl3."

#21TastyKittyMMMMPosted 9/27/2013 5:18:23 PM
... I'm not being delusional. I'm saying the complaining would be a bit less without the deliberate attempt to make the game WORSE. The least they could have done was make Diablo 2.5 instead of what they did.
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Why can't people just let it go? There are numerous HL2 mods, you can make your own levels and games with Forge etc. and there are more than a few cinematic FPS titles out there. You're literally swimming in a sea of choices when it comes to gaming (not all of them great, but more than few standout or at least "good" titles) and you're harping on one game series.

Do you remember how Episode 2 ended?

Actually I don't, though I played through Episode 1 a few years ago and just bought Episode 2 during the summer sale (so please don't divulge any details). Regardless of how it ends, I'll probably just shrug and play one of the other games in my backlog.


Alex's dad Eli Vance dies since a combine advisor seemingly sucks out his brains kinda like Starship Troopers. Alex and Gordon witness this and were about to meet the same fate but Dog saves the two. Alex and Gordon were going to find the woman doctor who was/is searching for or on the aperture science ship Boralias.

so it was a massive cliffhanger.
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