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Red Orchestra 2 worth getting?

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3 years ago#1
And are there a lot of people online? Also I heard there are two versions of the game? Wtf should I get? Red Orchestra 2 or the other one
3 years ago#2
It's a free weekend, why not try it out?

I think the game is mostly dead but we'll see what happens after the sale.

Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm are the same game. The difference is Rising Storm let's you pick your class on japanese levels. If you only get Red Orchestra 2, you're forced to be a rifleman in japan levels.
3 years ago#3
I loved the game untill it just stopped working and the support wouldnt tell me whats wrong posted all types of stuff formatted drives and everything. Its a great game if it works
3 years ago#4
I wouldn't bother with RO2 any more but rising storm or whatever it is can be amazing if you find a full server. The base game is botched, buggy, and still divided between two installs/exes.
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