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Fun online shooters that aren't TF2?

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User Info: refmon

3 years ago#1
I only know of planetside
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User Info: ajko000

3 years ago#2
Planetside is not fun.

Sorry, that's it. I mean, maybe Quake Online, but yeah, that specific area has been pretty dry lately.

User Info: DragonRaizen

3 years ago#3
Natural Selection 2 is always worth a look.
Loadout is fun, but might be too TF2ish for you, depending on why you're avoiding TF2.
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User Info: Maiken100

3 years ago#4
Even tho it's hated on Black ops 2 is fun.
Left 4 Dead 2 is still awesome.
Battlefield 3, not a big fan but I enjoy CQC from time to time.
Counter Strike 1.6, steep learning curve but still fun to go back to.
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User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#5
Black Ops 2 for fast paced military close quarters combat.
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User Info: eragonman9

3 years ago#6
Counterstrike, BF3, Garry's Mod (Trouble in Terrorist Town, misc. game modes).
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User Info: mycousinvinnie

3 years ago#7
hawken, it's a bit unbalanced right now, but once you get used to it, it's pretty fun
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User Info: Ultimate_Umbreo

3 years ago#8
Call of Duty isn't so bad, but you might get bored quick due to the low skill ceiling. My personal favourite shooter is Tribes: Ascend. Fast paced and takes skill.
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User Info: Keyeszx

3 years ago#9
Sorry but you have to choose between fun or aren't tf2 in that question. Take out one or the other, can't have 'em both.
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User Info: TheSchref

3 years ago#10
CoDs are fun if you just want to mindlessly shoot people. CS:GO if you want a high skillcap shooter.
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