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Is Linux good for programming?

#1harcoreblazerPosted 9/29/2013 9:29:33 PM
If so, which version is better?.
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#2freezemanPosted 9/29/2013 10:28:14 PM
It's good to learn how to use a terminal to compile stuff rather than an IDE. I always advise people to at least learn their way around a linux file system, as scripting (bash,perl,python,etc..) is excellently paired with the linux environment.

Are you asking which version of linux? I'd imagine any stable release will be fine. If you're unsure, just get whatever's the most popular at the moment (usually something like Ubuntu).
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#3ctrl_alt_de1337Posted 9/29/2013 10:44:10 PM
If you want an easy transition into Linux, I'd recommend check Mint out.
#4New LinkPosted 10/2/2013 1:45:14 PM
Linux is a programmer's dreamhome, most distros come with at least a basic tool-set to start coding immediately after installation. Of course not all languages are covered out-of-the-box, but in the gnu toolset alone (shipped with 99% of distributions) you get yourself a C and C++ compiler, bash, which also interprets bourne shell, tcsh, and zsh. Most also come with python and ruby out of the box, albeit right now as both languages are at a transition point you may need to manually grab the correct version. Personally I use Slackware for all of my computing needs, but any distro will do. Most also ship with either vim or emacs, some with both. It doesn't matter which you use, but these are the best two code editors known to man and each of them are ridiculously more productive to use than the other editors available (notepad++, sublime-text (without the vim plugin, that's cheating :P) gedit, visual studio's code editor, etc.)
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#5wizardmonPosted 10/2/2013 1:51:36 PM
I really loved to use Kate with a command line embedded in the bottom of part of it for instant debugging/testing of the code.
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#6neroAngeloPosted 10/2/2013 1:54:34 PM
Not really. Windows is much nicer to code in. It has better IDEs and you usually don't have to care about permissions
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#7Orestes417Posted 10/2/2013 1:56:58 PM
neroAngelo posted...
Not really. Windows is much nicer to code in. It has better IDEs and you usually don't have to care about permissions

So it atrophies the programmers brain and provides crutches.
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#8CC RicersPosted 10/2/2013 1:57:45 PM
I use Windows and Mac but I find it much nicer to use the command line to manage files and especially Git. I haven't gone back to GUIs with source control again.
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#9NingishzidaPosted 10/2/2013 2:06:59 PM
Every OS is good for programming.
#10JudgmenlPosted 10/2/2013 2:10:54 PM
No, there's no actual difference. I don't know where people get this misconception from.
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