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Do you want to get Piston for $1000?

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3 years ago#11
TheC0ndemnedOne posted...
For $1000, I wouldn't mind getting Piston.

You and I, are golden.
I am not economically viable.
3 years ago#12
I love the the fact that it mentions that it comes with "gaming" RAM LOL.
We're Americans! We don't quit just because we're wrong.
We just keep doing the wrong thing until it turns out right.
3 years ago#13
cory1225 posted...
Can microsoft sue them for that controller design or did they get official xbox 360 controllers?

Unless Sony can sue anyone who has made a controller similar to the dual shocks, no, not at all, ever.
3 years ago#14
I remember this. It was the first to come out and claim to be a 'Steam Box' and it was horrible. Surprised it's still a thing, it was pretty badly bashed when it was announced.
Pointing out your stupidity is not trolling
3 years ago#15
$1000 for a console... And it's the lower tier version, too. All my lol.
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3 years ago#16
It's an interesting idea, but I don't think it will work.

I wouldn't buy one until I knew for a fact they wouldn't abandon it, and would actually provide those upgrades they promise. Even then, I'm not sure.

It does look nice, though.
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3 years ago#17
7000 series GPU!!

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