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Do you adjust for FPS or graphics

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3 years ago#11
FPS. I'm using a single GTX 460 and running games at 1080p. I mess about with the settings till I can (hopefully!) get a constant 60 fps.
3 years ago#12
Most games it's not a issue, but for the few that are I tend to try keep it at 60 fps.
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3 years ago#13
A bit of both. There are some graphics options that make little difference to the image but a massive hit in performance. I'll go for FPS above all else though.
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3 years ago#14
I think Crysis 3 is about the only game that makes me constantly switch to not knowing which I want. Most games I run I can max out. But of course I would always like to see the game at its best.
3 years ago#15
The only game I haven't been able to maintain 60 in was my FTB world where I had a bunch of world anchors up in multiple dimensions. Instead of turning down settings (or removing anchors) I just spent a few hours maxing out my CPU's overclock. That was much more satisfying.
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3 years ago#16
I usually keep it over ~45 or 50 FPS, and drop some settings if I can't do that.
3 years ago#17
FPS primarily. If I'm getting 60fps pretty constant, maybe a dip here and there to 45 or so, that's fine.
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3 years ago#18
I adjust for screen tearing and performance. Playing on low to guarantee fluid gameplay is fine with me.
3 years ago#19
I'm surprised there arent of bunch of people bragging on how they can max everything at 60 FPS lol. Thats usually what I hear form people over the internet.
3 years ago#20
Always fps. Stuttery fps bothers me more than lack of eye candy.
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