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New Deus Ex game announced :D

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3 years ago#11
El_Zaggy posted...
That 'universe' thing sounds more like a bunch of game connected together and not a MMO. Maybe they will add a multiplayer aspect to the game (I'm hoping that this will have a minor impact in the game)

Yeah at first I thought it was a mmo, but it's basically just expanded universe content (which really isn't anything special these days, but nice I suppose)
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3 years ago#13
The only thing that I'm afraid is that they take their AAA game, cut content from it to put it to a mobile game.
3 years ago#14
The universe angle is a really smart move to push the IP into the public's awareness at such an interesting time:
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3 years ago#15
SpazH3d posted...
You guys just know there will be a Deus Ex MMO eventually. They're making one for Legacy of Kain. :-/

Nosgoth isn't an MMO, it's an arena shooter/action game.
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3 years ago#16
That's nice and all, but it didn't mention how much DEHR Director's Cut would be for PC, or how that's going to be handled for those who have the game plus The Missing Link already.
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