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What the heck is this thing and why doesn't windows pick it up?

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3 years ago#1
Ok, customer gives me a bunch of ipods and what is supposedly and external HD, wants music transferred, fine.

I plug it in... and nothing, not even a "hardware not installed" error, the light on the device goes on like it is working fine but windows does nothing.

And this thing has no name brand, no serial, its completely black and blank with only USB 2.0 written on it. Look.

So... any ideas? Can someone recognize this thing? And what do I do to get it to work in Win 7 64?
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3 years ago#2
Looks like a super generic portable HDD. Open the Device Manager in the System Tools and check if it appears there as an unknown device (will have a "!" sign on it).
3 years ago#3
It doesn't show up in Windows Explorer at all? | |
3 years ago#4
Go into my computer to see if it shows up as a drive. Also you can check device manager
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3 years ago#5
maybe its dead and thats why they brought it to you
^ this
3 years ago#6
nothing, it shows up nowhere. Not in the explorer, not in the device manager, not even as un-partitioned space. Windows doesn't even so much as peep when I plug it in.

I'm stumped. It LOOKS like its working properly, the pretty light is green, but that's about it
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3 years ago#7
Maybe the flash drive inside the case came loose
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3 years ago#8
Yeah, nothing is spinning, I'm just going to call it dead.

EDIT: Solved.

After a gentle "nudging" I felt the thing kick in, the light was on but nothing was moving I guess, maybe it's on it's way out.

Windows picked it up right after that and looks like its working okay. Better not breathe on it too hard.
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3 years ago#9
Yikes. | |
3 years ago#10
Some drives can suffer from "stiction", where the platters are frozen in place and the motor can't generate enough torque to get them spinning. A bit of manual shaking/ twisting can free them up and get it working again, sounds like that's what you experienced. But your client will probably not want to trust any further data to that particular drive.
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  3. What the heck is this thing and why doesn't windows pick it up?

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