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Watch dogs specs may not be that demanding afterall

#11hitokiri13Posted 10/3/2013 6:35:31 PM
Nicodimus posted...
Darkking4 posted...
Why would it be disappointing if more people can play the game well or even on ultra.
I don't understand "enthusiasts" who make topics about i5 being outdated and bragging about their i7s and those who like games to be overly demanding. If a game is too demanding, it won't sell, if a developer can't make enough profits then future games will be affected or won't even be made.

They're just afraid it will look like WoW.

It doesn't have to be looking like WoW. You add difference on Ultra settings. So If people who has high end systems they can choose Ultra. What's people not liking cater all groups?? Wasting resource? They should realize they will still make profit off the mainstream gamers.
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using a OCed quad for torrenting is like robbing your local video store with a rocket launcher.