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So what do you guys make of the upcoming official Steam controller?

#11Gojak_v3Posted 10/3/2013 8:00:42 PM
Umm, controllers have aim assist, not mouse.
#12Knighted DragonPosted 10/3/2013 8:04:06 PM
From: __starsnostars | #009
If its been perfected then why do controller players constantly get destroyed by kb+m players? It sounds like Valve is trying to lessen that gap with their controller, I don't know how effective it will be but anything is better than the dual analog sticks currently being used.

Because I was talking about controllers. Mouse and Keyboard is far, far superior in almost every game type without a doubt, but when forced to use a controller the 360 is definitely the best IMO.

From: Retroxgamer0 | #008
i dont like the xbox 360 controllers analogs actually. they feel awkward and floaty, and they are off-center so my character keeps moving on his own.

That's your controller being messed up, I've had several that do that over time, I guess they get worn out or something.

From: Retroxgamer0 | #010
theres a big gap between keyboard and mouse users because they have assisted aim when using a mouse

Uh you have that backwards. Mouse and keyboard have no aim assist at all, controllers have insane amounts of it to make up for the lack of precision. A mouse is far, far more accurate and precise than an analog stick, which is why FPS players on the PC obliterate console ones, console players just have to shoot in the general direction of the enemy to let the aim assist try and home their shots in, with a mouse you can actually aim at them yourself and not rely on gimmicky aim assist to try and hit them
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