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A List Of Games Switching From GFWL To Steamworks

#21MaxCHEATER64Posted 10/7/2013 5:11:17 PM
ThePonyCollie posted...
I mean, it's safe to say that Rockstar not patching out GFWL on GTA IV (while currently failing to announce the very obvious PC rendition of GTA V) almost comes across as one of the biggest slap-in-the-face tactics to the PC audience yet.

You're damn right it is.
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#22spud_almightyPosted 10/8/2013 12:33:09 AM
You lot are a bunch of drama queens when it comes to GFWL!
#23ECOsvaldoPosted 10/8/2013 12:52:28 AM
spud_almighty posted...
You lot are a bunch of drama queens when it comes to GFWL!

HA ... Ha ... ha .............. NO!!!!!!!
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#24arleasPosted 10/8/2013 6:41:19 AM
From: spud_almighty | #022
You lot are a bunch of drama queens when it comes to GFWL!

I haven't had any significant problems with GFWL in all the times I have been forced to use it... however I have never seen any significant benefit to those times either.

The most annoying thing I've had to deal with was where GFWL needed to update, but I didn't know that until I tried to launch the it launches the game and tells me I have to close the game to update GFWL, and then I do that, but the update had some kind of error, and long story short, I had to fumble around trying to get GFWL to finish the update so I could play the game...I've heard of some people having trouble like that only it turns into an endless error loop resulting in them being unable to play the game at all...

So yeah, Good riddance... sayonara! I certainly won't miss it. I'd put Uplay in the same category, but I've had fewer troubles with Uplay (though I have spent less time playing games that required it as well).
#25Freelance_WolfPosted 10/8/2013 6:48:34 AM
I only have 2 GFWL games I think: RE5 and MS Flight. I've already beaten RE5 ages ago so I don't care about that, but I'd be sad if MS Flight disappears.
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