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Question for XCOM fans

#1superbowl54Posted 10/4/2013 8:00:38 AM
I figured I'd get more of an unbiased opinion here than on any XCOM board, so that's why this topic is here.

I played and loved EU in the last few months and I'm seeing The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is currently on sale for DL on amazon for $20.

My question is... is it worth that much? I've heard mixed things about it, but it looks kinda fun.
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#2FaPaThYPosted 10/4/2013 8:35:49 AM(edited)
No, not worth $20. I don't have it, but judging from playthrough videos it looks pretty meh unless you're specifically looking for a generic 3rd person cover shooter with terrible AI team mates that like to charge to their deaths. Which isn't surprising with how shaky the development of this game was.
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#3dekouPosted 10/4/2013 8:54:40 AM
I don't have The Bureau, but I do know it has almost nothing to do with EU gameplay wise. It's got a very messy development history with many funny tidbits:

My favorite part is how "2K Games president Christoph Hartmann said at the time "strategy games are just not contemporary"". Then they decided to revamp the game when EU was a huge success. I suppose it's just another episode in the modern saga of "CoD Chasers", the sequel to "WoW Chasers".

Still, it shouldn't be a bad game. Just remember that its ties to EU are mostly financial in nature.
#4SlashmanSGPosted 10/4/2013 9:48:42 AM
It looks like a s***y Mass Effect clone, I'd pass.
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#5Hi CPosted 10/4/2013 10:26:01 AM(edited)
The Bureau is trash. The closest it will ever get to Xcom is its subtitle.
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