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Next 3 Definite Game Purchases That You Are Making On Release Date?

#91GynthaeresPosted 10/5/2013 7:32:49 PM
Asellus posted...
Why would I pay more for games when I can get them 50% off in a sale in the next few months or something?

Because you want them now, not months after release.

In addition to that, sometimes people want to support the developer. I got Witcher 1 & 2 when they were like, $5 each. I'm in no particular hurry to play Witcher 3 (though I did like both previous games). But I love CD Projekt Red's attitude towards its customers, so I'm going to buy Witcher 3 as soon as it comes out. A company like that deserves a full-price buy, not another $5 purchase.
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#92RhymefestPosted 10/5/2013 7:36:56 PM
x rebirth
#93TheMove2Posted 10/5/2013 8:18:45 PM
The Division
Wild Star