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logitech f310 gamepad

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User Info: kmui

3 years ago#1
Looking for a controller for my pc. I hear that the logitech f310 gamepad is pretty good but I also heard that the analog stick has issue with dead zones. Anyone who has this can give me an opinion? Is the d-pad any good?


User Info: g_lethal

3 years ago#2
i have it, bought it when i built my first pc, i say its a great gamepad, never had issues with deadzones or anything its also very tough and has 2 modes which may come in handy sometimes
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User Info: Marioface5

3 years ago#3
I still don't understand why the F510 got discontinued. I have it and love it, and it's basically the F310 with rumble. But for some reason Logitech discontinued it, along with their really awesome microphone that I have. But anyway, assuming that the only real difference is that the F310 doesn't have rumble, I highly recommend it based on the F510.
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User Info: TNK10

3 years ago#4
It's alright, little bit of a deadzone though, Honestly just pick up a 360 or PS3 controller.Waaaay better controllers all around.
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