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Poor performance issues

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3 years ago#1
Hey guys I'm experiencing poor performance across the board on all games across the board. I don't think a 6970, 2600k and 8gig ram should be running league with lag dips when to many minions etc are on the screen. Wow dips alot often only getting around 40fps. My system isn't ocd, I reinstalled catalyst, I've played around with all the settings and catalyst anti aliasing etc is off.

I personally think it might be the CPU causing the problem because its only when a lot is happening on screen... Well mostly. My temps are normal last I checked. Also may be unrelated or not but when I clicked detect devices last it literally took 10 mins to load them. Startups take a little while to get going and I often clean my PC through optimisers, etc. I know my PC shouldn't be this slow I should be getting a lot better performance than this. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
3 years ago#2
try testing your harddrive
^ this
3 years ago#3
I did a little while ago I defragged, ran a Seagate program which told me my drive was healthy but I remember first time I used this tune up program my performance went up a lot. But now when I use it no difference. Any other programs or things I could do to the hdd?
3 years ago#4
Disable any virus scanners
Check running processes
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