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Who is getting both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts?

#11MackorovPosted 10/8/2013 2:32:08 AM
At least the new stuff in BF4 is more than the new stuff COD Ghost ever has.
After so much sales and success and all IW could come up with is fishes that move out of your way and a DOG. Amazing.
#12Brass_EyePosted 10/8/2013 2:34:24 AM
The beta feels like an expansion for BF3 so I won't be getting it.

I love COD they are always day one buys for me but I'll be getting it on consoles rather than PC.

Will probably pick up BF4 in a sale.
#13Solid SonicPosted 10/8/2013 3:26:36 AM
I...only know how to play Call of Duty with a controller.
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#14claytonbuckleyPosted 10/8/2013 3:29:48 AM
I might get BF4


one day
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#15Tyranius2Posted 10/8/2013 4:17:38 AM
Recently retired from Anime =[