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What do you think the best game of this generation was?

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2 years ago#91
CaliberChamp posted...
DarkReign2022 posted...
That's a tough call. This generation was very black and white. A lot of franchises have really gone downhill with their simplification and streamlining and linearity.

My top 5 contenders:

Brutal Legend
Mass Effect 2
The Last of Us
Heavy Rain
Bioshock: Infinite

Since I can't really pick based on quality, I'll just go off of hours played. Out of those, the one I played the most was Mass Effect 2, so by default I'm going to call it the winner.

Brutal Legend... I need to play that game asap. It looked last like a funny and fun game. Good to hear that you like it and help me remember its in my steam library.

Why would you feel the need to list "terrible" games in your sig. And then have the nerve to list demons and dark souls. Please explain to me why those games are "terrible"
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2 years ago#92
I'd say any of the following games.

Counterstrike: Global Offensive
Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword
Halo CE Anniversary (online)
Super Street Fighter 2: HDRemix
2 years ago#93
If I go by the games that I've had the most fun playing, I'd have to go with either Super Smash Bros Brawl or Halo 3, if I go by games as a whole I'd have to say the Portal Series, Fallout 3, and Metal Gear Solid 4.
2 years ago#94
RasutoSSAikou posted...
all of the power of your PC is there to make it look prettier.

Wrong. Total war and RTS in general have been using our power to a much higher degree than a console of the same generation could. Add in actual sims and your argument falls flat. PC isn't just about console ports like you are seeming to imply. Consoles don't dictate what a pc game can and can't do although I do admit they do have an influence. Still not in the same respect you are implying.
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2 years ago#95
Mass Effect
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2 years ago#96
Tough one.

Red Dead Redemption would probably be my pick.
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2 years ago#97
Lonestar2000 posted...
Mass Effect
2 years ago#98

The blink mechanic just made movement so satisfying. Playing as Daud even more so.
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2 years ago#99
best games of recent memory-
mario galaxy 1/2
fire emblem awakening
2 years ago#100
TWD game tho wouldn't call it a game but loved it can't wait for season 2
but all time favs in no order
Crono Cross.yes cross deal with it
RE remake this day is great
Fatal frame series each one of them are good
Silent Hill series liked them all
Mario Sunshine
Pokemon XD.i still laugh at that mad docs amazing refrigerator damn hahha
for Visual Novel
sea cats aka Umineko series has the best trolls ever and villain who would screw you and kill and feed you to goats just for laughs i am not kidding they really do
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