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What to do upgrade wise.....

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3 years ago#1
Currently have

i5 3570k
GTX 680 Directcu II top 2gb
8gb ram

Thinking of waiting until the 800 series comes out to upgrade....

Should I wait to upgrade the i5 as it seems a lot of the upcoming games are going to be using more cores.....
Peace and love!
3 years ago#2
I would say, wait until you know that you need an upgrade, not just do it because "what if new games don't run well"

So far all that has been out is a beta of battlefield 4 that is running badly in all systems, you can't base a decision just on that. Nobody knows if new games will need 8 cores to run, most likely they will not need them, is hard to program in multiple threads, and most companies just won't try to do it.
Mystery is the source of all true science.
3 years ago#3
I'd say you're pretty good for another year at least with that hardware.

You could always get an SSD or a 1440p monitor, as both of these things make every aspect of using your machine more pleasant.
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3 years ago#4
Thanks. That was a very helpful answer...

I guess it is a better idea to hold off and wait until I can't run things to my liking anymore : )
Peace and love!
3 years ago#5
I already have an SSD but I don't have a 1440p monitor.

Next purchase : P

I just stopped smoking so money I was spending on killing myself can now be put to a better use by upgrading my equipment !
Peace and love!
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