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A friend of mine is tight on budget, and the video card gifted to him

#21Hi CPosted 10/9/2013 1:42:06 PM
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go buy a console or wait til he can afford parts from this generation.

No kidding...I remember buying that card in 2002. It was $300 or $400, I forget which. Ran UT very nicely at the time. It's probably not even worth $20 now.

Edit: I was wrong. They are selling on Ebay starting around $30.

Somehow I doubt you bought a card in 2002 that came out in 2008.

I swear it was the 9600...or was it the 9800? My memory ain't what it used to be.

Edit: Radeon 9800 Pro, and it was in 2003. I hate being old.

ATI thoroughly s*** all over Nvidia with that line of cards. I loved my 9700Pro. It wasn't uncommon to get 150+fps with full AA/AF on even brand new games back then. I miss those days.
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